Traveling with a pet

Bringing your pet or service animal to The Islands of Tahiti is possible but requires adherence to several regulations which may vary by your country of origin. The Islands of Tahiti has a sensitive environment that is free from rabies and other diseases that could possibly be transmitted through animals. By following the rules designed to bring your pet safety to The Islands of Tahiti you can ensure the protection of the island habitat.

Requirements for the import of live animals to The Islands of Tahiti

The import of live animals are subject to complex regulations and specific requirements. Traveling with a pet companion requires careful preparation follow these steps to ensure a pleasant journey:

  • review the information on the websites linked below to learn about the destination and your airline’s requirements (attention: if the trip requires to pass by several companies or transit by different countries, make sure to consult the required formalities each step of the way)
  • obtain the necessary documents from the authorities (import permit, vaccination booklet, specific health certificate, etc.)The protocol vary according to the country of origin, please go to the corresponding page:
  • know the conditions of importing your pet (by plane or by boat, quarantine, procedure of inspection…)Below are useful links gathering all the necessary information to prepare the trip of your pet companion:

Key steps (by plane):

  1. Please read the full protocol with all the information.
  2. Complete and submit the import permit request form to: [email protected]
  3. The 2 internal (vermifuge) and external (anti-flea and anti-ticks) pest treatments must be administered by the veterinarian in the month prior to departure (1st within 30 days and 2nd within 4 days before departure, with a minimum of 14 days between each), in accordance with legal requirements.
  4. The aphis form health certificate must be completed by the veterinary accredited under the aphis form package leaflet and countersigned by the official usda veterinary. The animal will be subject to a complete examination before departure.
  5. Inspection upon arrival by the Biosecurity’s official veterinary at Tahiti airport (don’t forget to book an appointment)

Review the dog import and cat import to find all the information you need to import your pet.

For more information, contact the Biosecurity office at: [email protected]